On April 29, hundreds of thousands of Americans (and others around the world) showed their support for clean energy in Washington, DC, around the USA and the world, including us from China!

Hundreds of workers and neighbors of the China’s Solar Valley celebrated their model for a future of clean air and blue skies. They held signs and showed their support in a march around of the world’s largest solar building – the Sun-Moon Mansion.

For these people in China there is no conflict between the economy and renewable energy. They point out that clean energy represents the biggest business opportunity ever, with US$90 trillion to be invested in the next 30 years.  This will create great prosperity for the countries that embrace the change. In the last 3 years China became the leader in clean energy investment, with over US$100 billion invested each year. (Bloomberg)

About the Solar Valley:

Over the past 20 years, the Solar Valley model project was developed in Dezhou, China with a population of over 7 million citizens. Over 90% of the population use solar energy to heat water and power streets lights.

Solar Valley’s founder Huang Ming has over 6,000 employees, 300 patents and has attracted funding from Goldman Sachs. He is a tremendously gifted inventor and social entrepreneur with a big vision. He envisions that the solar industry will be as advanced as the IT industry, as mature as the electric home appliances industry, and as large-scaled and automated as the automobile industry.

In the future the use of solar / renewable energy will be commonplace, penetrating every aspect of life from home and office to public infrastructure and industry. The goal is to preserve our planet’s environment effectively for future generations and to create long-term energy sustainability.

President Jimmy Carter saw the solar collector formerly atop the White House, which is now displayed in the solar museum when he visited China.

A simplified, low-cost solar cooker has been invented that can feed a family of 10. Foundations, NGO’s, and humanitarian organizations will distribute it globally to resource-poor areas.

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