Solar Cookers for Emerging Nations

Himin is a leading, innovative company that has excellent solar products.

Huang Ming, its creator, his team, and the Himin’s Global Business Development members are continually researching the best, practical tools to make the world work for 100% of humanity…

The need for effective and easy-to-use solar cookers in emerging nations is a need that has been found that we are endeavoring to fulfill…

Here are some facts:

Globally, over three billion people cook with wood, charcoal or animal dung. Their open fires release plumes of smoke and soot that are liable for 4.3 million premature deaths each year. 1.7 million of these are children under the age of 5. Women and children are inhaling toxic smoke and particulate matter as it fills their huts.

These are more deaths than AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis combined. Or triple the amount of traffic deaths worldwide. Open-fire cooking is responsible for 2-5% of greenhouse gas emissions due to deforestation and black carbon emissions. An alternative way of cooking is urgently needed, and solar cookers are an excellent solution. They concentrate the sunshine to achieve temperatures needed for cooking.

Solar cookers need no fuels and emit no fumes. They could save millions of lives.

Apart from health concerns, solar cookers are a women’s right issue. They provide additional time and income to women by reducing the time spent on cooking and wood collecting from 4-8 hours a day to 1.5 hours. In those extra hours, the cooker can be used to create a small business, for example a bakery or purified water production. Or that extra time can used for education or farming.

Solar cookers empower women with additional income and free time.

The Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves lists many different stove technologies. Among these, solar is the only one that does not emit any fumes and doesn’t require fuels. Solar cookers work on days that have clear skies to moderate clouds. Advanced technologies, like Himin’s, work even on sunny days in cold climates.

There are 1.2 million solar cookers in the world today, but many are not in use, because they employ old technologies that cannot reach high temperatures and take a long time to cook. They also cannot provide warm breakfasts and dinners — for many reasons, including not having the technology to handle the lack of sun.

Himin’s solar cookers are using vacuum tubes, the most efficient technology and keep food warm for dinner and breakfast, solving the most pressing usability issue.

Paul Hawken’s Drawdown project analyzed the cookstove market and discovered that it is a US$72 billion business opportunity.

We are looking for foundations, NGO’s and development organizations to help us bring this exciting technology into emerging nations / communities.

For any collaborative projects or for more information contact us at:

Himin Solar Cooker

Himin has developed a solar cooker model for Emerging Nations’ Communities Solar Development, which makes the world leading vacuum technology affordable for widespread deployment.

The solar cooker is designed to prepare all meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) for a family of five in 1.5 hours at noontime, using only sunshine as fuel. It contains heat storage which keeps the breakfast warm for the next morning and an insulated container to hold the dinner.

Himin holds multiple patents for this world-leading technology and is able to produce large quantities at superior quality.

This solar cooker cooks food at 220 degrees Celsius (428 Fahrenheit), which is beyond what other solar cooker technologies can reach. This allows more uses previously not possible, such as rapidly boiling water, baking and grilling. The temperature can reach up to 270 Celsius (518 Fahrenheit). The vacuum tube provides such a good insulation that such temperatures can even be achieved in freezing weather.

The cooking tube is 135 cm (4.4 ft.) long and vacuum isolated. It’s heating chamber is 4.59 liter (1.2 gal) in size. It’s efficiency is over 80%. Several inserts are included that allow for steaming, boiling, baking and grilling. It works best with full sun, but also in cloudy weather.

The construction is sturdy and includes a swivel motion that makes it easy to follow the sun. It is very safe, because the heat is concentrated inside the tube. The outside and all other components do not get hot and present no danger to the cook and children.

The Himin Solar Cooker is the solution the emerging nations have been waiting for!